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Careers Education, Information and Guidance

The National Academy is wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting students with each step of their academic career and beyond, with ever-increasing focus on CEIAG provision.

Careers education takes many forms at the National across all year groups, including Personal Development lesson content, visits to higher education sites and workplaces, and internal presentations and workshops from a variety of employers and industries.

CEIAG provision operates around the belief that all employment has value and we will encourage all students to follow their chosen path, regardless of what that leads to. In order to prepare our students for higher education and employment, we will guide them through CV construction, professional communications and interview technique.

To support careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) at the academy we have developed a dedicated careers SharePoint where you will find links and articles to a whole range of career related information.

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance - Home (

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you require further information about CEIAG provision at the academy.

Work experience 

Year 12 students who continue their studies into the sixth form undertake a one-week work experience placement as part of our year 12 programme – this is scheduled to take place after AS examinations.
These work experience placements should be related to your career of choice or the education pathway you wish to follow. Students will be expected to select, apply and interview for roles, and represent both yourself and your academy in a professional, business-like manner. Placements normally take place in July.