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Please find the posts below from our curriculum teams.

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  • 24/05/24

    Science - May 2024

    Every time you turn on a light switch, do any form of exercise or turn on a tap, you are relying on processes and ideas that are part of the science curriculum at the National Academy. Our aim throughout the time that students are studying with us is to give them opportunities to understand and expl...
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  • 09/05/24

    Social Sciences - MAY 2024

    In Social Sciences, a large part of our curriculum is intended to give our students the opportunity to develop analytical and evaluative skills.  In Religious Studies this is seen in both key stage three and key stage 4 though debate style responses that the students are invited to engage with...
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  • 17/04/24

    PACE - April 2024

    How do I use leadership skills in PACE lessons? Here are 6 important leadership skills students learn from participating in Physical education and performing arts (Drama and Music) that can be applied to many roles and careers – even outside of performing arts and sport. 1. Persistence...
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  • 17/04/24

    ADT - April 24

    Nestled within the corridors of the National Church of England Academy lies a vibrant hub of creativity and innovation – the Art, Design, and Technology department. Here, students are not just taught skills and knowledge; they are encouraged to explore, create, and push the boundaries of their...
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  • 06/11/23

    MAC - November 2023

    The maths department welcomes our new teachers for this academic year; Miss Copeland (maths) and Mr Bolster (maths and computing). We have started our year off in computing by using BBC microbits with year 9, which are small micro computers, to teach the principles of coding.  Our year 9 stu...
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  • 21/07/23

    Languages - July 2023

    The languages faculty is continuing to develop the curriculums in both MFL and English through supplementing the curriculum in the classrooms with a range of enrichment activities such as a key stage four Jekyll and Hyde theatre trip, key stage theatre trips to The Wind in the Willows and MFL have h...
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  • 09/06/23

    MFL - June 2023

    This year in MFL we are delivering our newly revised Key Stage 3 Curriculum. We have worked to develop a curriculum that is both engaging and allows knowledge and skills acquired to be continually interleaved and re- visited throughout the three years of language learning. This prepares students ful...
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  • 30/03/23

    Humanities - March 2023

    Designing a place where stolen voices can be heard.
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  • 31/01/23

    Science - January 2023

    How do you keep five years’ worth of information in your head? And how do you make sure that all of that information will be there when the ‘exam panic’ hits in the hall?   These are questions that we have been thinking hard about in the science faculty recently. The nat...
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  • 30/11/22

    Social Sciences - November 2022

    Intended curriculum, Teaching and Learning in the classroom and celebrating outcomes. Social sciences have been trialling the use of ‘Big Questions’ in lessons and encouraging students to really think deeply about issues from the moment they enter the classroom.  As the subjects...
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  • 11/10/22

    MAC - October 2022

    The start of any school year is always a busy time and this year has proved no different in the Mathematics and Computing Faculty.      During the last 8 months colleagues in the faculty have been working on co-ordinating a common approach for many of the problems that stud...
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  • 25/05/22

    PACE - May 2022

    How do PACE subjects support positive mental health and wellbeing During lessons in school across the curriculum, mental health and wellbeing is addressed in a variety of ways and the PACE team are proud to support positive student mental health and wellbeing.   In Music students...
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