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How do PACE subjects support positive mental health and wellbeing

During lessons in school across the curriculum, mental health and wellbeing is addressed in a variety of ways and the PACE team are proud to support positive student mental health and wellbeing.
In Music students are creating their own bands and choosing the songs they will perform so that they can express themselves and feelings through the choice of music. Lunchtime and after school sessions allow students to express themselves. These sessions give an opportunity for students to listen to or perform music which is beneficial to student’s mental health.
Music is a powerful thing. Aside from its entertainment value, performing or listening to music is known to have incredible positive effects on our brains.
There are several ways that physical activity helps mental health. Year 11 PE students have an options system during this important half term where they can select sports for relaxation and enjoyment. Students have selected activities such as football, yoga, Pilates and a couch to 5K walk. In years 9 and 10, students will be opting for the chosen pathway activities where they will take part in activities for them to support transition.
Studies show that physical activity has a positive impact on our mood and on alleviating stress, which is particularly important right now during exam season. We would encourage all students to be physically active during revision breaks – stand up, move around, stretch and feel the benefits and energy boost this brings.
In Drama, students are currently working on theatre in education and the issues that impact teenagers today, such as mental health, social media, relationships both when they break down and forming positive relationships, peer pressure, bullying and saying no. For young people, taking part in drama activities can help with major life challenges such as exam stress, anger issues or bereavement.
Drama has been proven to help decrease symptoms of social anxiety and provides an escape and release from real life. Young people get to be another character with an alternative outlook to themselves, in a safe space, which helps them build confidence and a resilient approach. Through Drama, students can focus, process and release their emotions in a way that is helpful for managing their mental health and well-being.
We are committed at the National Academy to provide a range of support so please do not hesitate to contact us. The ‘student wellbeing and support’ pages on our website at National Church of England Academy - MENTAL HEALTH & STUDENT WELLBEING ( provide a wealth of resources to help support wellbeing for both students and families.