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The languages faculty is continuing to develop the curriculums in both MFL and English through supplementing the curriculum in the classrooms with a range of enrichment activities such as a key stage four Jekyll and Hyde theatre trip, key stage theatre trips to The Wind in the Willows and MFL have held a German bake off which was a tasty treat for all involved and the year 10s have just returned from a successful trip to Boppard, Germany.  We are also planning more enrichment into the 2024 curriculum with trips to Shrek, Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, Cinderella and a German Markets excursion at Christmas which will be a festive treat for all involved.

As we regularly review our curriculums to ensure positive outcomes for our young people we have been able to enhance the assessment and feedback given to students using the interactive boards in our department to live model and mark with the visualiser increasing the students’ engagement in the learning process and celebrating the fantastic work we see in the classroom and to share this live during the lesson is very powerful and motivating for the students.

We have reviewed our curriculums to ensure the balance of traditional literature and modern texts are engaging and challenging. We use the traditional text as a window to reflect a society in the past and use big questions to engage in the important discussions that we ask about how society was, why it was this way and what do we learn from these texts. We then supplement this traditional text with a number of modern articles, narratives and poems and seek to look at how texts are a window into our current world and we reflect upon the changes and how these changes have impacted on individuals and societies. Students have engaged positively with the new texts and continue to show high levels of engagement.

In MFL, we have explored how the curriculums can explore the wider contexts of the language we are learning and consider the festivals and traditions that are celebrated and this has led to some amazing creative work and has been added depth to the current curriculums being taught. We have continued to use Conti as the framework for structuring the curriculum and student engagement and enthusiasm for German and French is continuing to grow in the academy and this is a real positive area of growth.

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If you have any questions about the languages curriculum, ways for students and parents to get involved, or would like to ask about extra-curricular opportunities, please drop Miss Hunt, our faculty head, an email at: