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The maths department welcomes our new teachers for this academic year; Miss Copeland (maths) and Mr Bolster (maths and computing).

We have started our year off in computing by using BBC microbits with year 9, which are small micro computers, to teach the principles of coding.  Our year 9 students have taken on the challenge of designing and refining algorithms.  We are fortunate to have well equipped computer rooms, some of which have been refurbished with new computers (computer room 1).

With our year 8 students, this year is the first opportunity for them to experience the computing curriculum and we have started by looking at the components that enable computation to happen; this will give them an overview of the purpose of various types of hardware and software.

As part of our plan to embed deeper digital literacy into curriculum, we have transitioned away from using exercise books in our computer science lessons and are making greater use of Teams to equip students with the necessary skills to use technology effectively and safely.  

As the year gets underway, we will be releasing regular e-safety updates to students, staff and parents (via our social media) so please look out for these.

In maths we have invested heavily in our new online resource, “Sparx maths”. This platform tracks the students progress, and alters the difficultly to ensure students are challenged. It monitors the areas a student is struggling with and supports them by targeting questions on these areas. Staff use the feedback it sends to go over key areas again in lessons. Hopefully by now your child will have used this either in class, or for homework if they are in Key Stage 4. We would value some feedback from parents on this new platform, please email any feedback you have to