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Extreme Hot Weather Plan

As part of the extreme weather plan which we introduced last year, we have plans in place to support our community during extreme weather. We are informing you of our plans well in advance of next week.
Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July 2022 are currently predicted to be around 33/34 degrees in Hucknall. Although this may fluctuate, it is still likely to be very hot and we would rather be prepared than not. These are the highest temperatures we have experienced for some time. This is therefore a risk in terms of dehydration, sunburn and exhaustion. To support our students we have made some reasonable adjustments.
All students attending National on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th will be permitted to wear their usual PE kit all day. This avoids any parents having to buy anything new in a cost of living crisis, but also means students can wear identifiable, appropriate light clothing all day. Having spoken to many students this week they feel this is a good idea. Students will also be permitted to wear a hat/cap outdoors.
We also recommend the following in extreme heat:
  • Apply a suitable high factor sun cream to provide protection against the sun
  • Arrive to school with a full water bottle, start hydrated and stay hydrated. There are water stations to refill at break and lunch and we will increase the amount available
  • Stay hydrated and protected on the Sunday which is also predicted to be around 30 degrees – we want to avoid the effects of extreme heat altogether
It is always great to have some decent weather but when the temperature hits this level it is important we take appropriate steps to keep everyone as safe as possible.
Thank you for your support in advance,
Your sincerely
Mr Martin Brailsford