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Academy Day & Term Dates

The academy day at National consists of six 50 minute classroom periods, together with defined time with individual tutor groups, assemblies and appropriate breaks. Students are required to be on site by 8.40am, with the first lesson beginning promptly at 8.45am.

The general structure to the day looks as follows:

Session Start time End time
Students expected on site - warning bell 8:40 8:40
Period 1 8:45 09:35
Period 2 9:36 10:26
KS3 Break 10:27 10:47
KS4 Tutor 10:27 10:50
KS3 Tutor 10:47 11:10
KS4 Break 10:50 11:10
Period 3 11:11 12:01
KS3 Lunch 12:02


Period 4a (KS4) 12:02


Period 4b (KS3) 12:43 13:33
KS4 Lunch 12:53 13:33
Period 5 13:34 14:24
Period 6 14:25


Students are expected on site for a total of 32.5 hours per week.

Wet Weather Arrangements

NCEA will adopt the following procedures if the weather is deemed too wet for students to spend breaktimes or lunchtimes outside:

When the morning weather forecast indicates there will be very heavy rain/sleet/snow throughout the day, a ‘Wet Weather Day’ will be declared in the morning and students will be informed via the tannoy system that if it is raining heavily at break or lunch time they can enter the school building in specific monitored areas. The staff breaktime duty rota will be adapted to provide supervision indoors on Wet Weather Days and midday supervisors co-ordinate this at lunchtime.

If heavy rain/sleet/snow unexpectedly arrives at different points in the day, the leadership team will take the decision at the time for break and lunchtime.

Students can eat and drink in these areas, but they must put rubbish in the bins provided. If students do not clear up after themselves then they will not be allowed in the buildings when it is raining heavily.

At all times students should be prepared for wet weather as this plan will only come into action if it is raining/sleeting/snowing very heavily. Students must bring a waterproof coat to school and an umbrella is recommended as there will still be times when students are outdoors for example walking around the one-way system between lessons.

All students are aware of our high expectations for behaviour and the sanctions that apply should any student fall short of these.

Term dates

Please find below calendars and specific term dates.