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Academy Day & Term Dates

The academy day at National consists of six 50 minute classroom periods, together with defined time with individual tutor groups, assemblies and appropriate breaks. Students are required to be on site by 8.35am, with the first lesson beginning promptly at 8.40am.

The general structure to the day looks as follows:

Session Start time End time
Students expected on site - warning bell 8:35am 8:35am
Period 1 8:40am 09:30am
Period 2 9:30am 10:22am
KS3 Tutor 10:22am 10:47am
KS4 Break 10:22am 10:43am
KS3 Break 10:47am 11:05am
Period 3 11:05am 11:57am
Period 4 11:57am


/ 12:50pm

KS4 Lunch 12:45pm 1:25pm
KS3 Lunch 12:50pm 13:30pm
Period 5 1:25/1:30pm 2:22pm
Period 6 2:22pm

3:10pm - KS4

3:15pm - KS3


Term dates

Please find below calendars and specific term dates.
Start of 2020-2021 Academic Year - Thursday 3rd September 2020
Mitre Trust