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At National we ensure that we encourage all of our students to set high targets, and support them in reaching these throughout their time with us. This applies to their academic achievements, but we also want students to be prepared for the working world and provide a number of ways in which they can access relevant career information, throughout all key stages.

How we support different year groups

As students move through the academy, we concentrate on different topics and subject matters around careers to best support students as that particular time in their lives. This is all geared around giving the right information and guidance to ensure that students are aware of employment, apprenticeship and education opportunities for their future, and what they will need to do to achieve their chosen pathway.

Year 7

Students study a simply question: why are you here? In answering this we look at career pathways, what a GCSE is and how it is different to a degree course. We also consider apprenticeships and alternatives to full time education.

Year 8

Students play a game called ‘The Real Game’ – in it we look at mortgages, car loans, tax and pensions because it’s a real world and everybody wants to win!

Year 9

Students consider how the world of work is changing and we try to second guess the skills and qualities needed by tomorrow’s employer. We link this to the year 9 options programme.

Year 10

Students prepare for the world of work by completing a CV and taking part in ‘mock’ interviews with local employers.

Year 11

Careers interview begin in earnest with all year 11 students (these are available in earlier years of the academy too) as we prepare them for the next step. Lessons include sixth form tours and college applications.

For a more detailed overview of our Careers Education Information and Guidance provision, please see the document below.

Mr Bingham - Academy Careers Advisor
Tel: 0115 963 5667