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Year 8 learning to move online: 15th – 18th December 2020

Following increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases within year 8, and in order to sustain staffing which has fallen sharply today and affects year 8 lessons significantly, we have taken the difficult decision to move year 8 learning online for the remaining four days of term. This will mean that year 8 students should not come to school on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (15th - 18th December 2020 inclusive).
The year 8 students who are currently not self-isolating will not be required to do so unless they have COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive. Students that are self-isolating will need to continue to do so. If any year 8 student tests positive for COVID-19, you must still inform us so we may contact close contacts and advise them to isolate.
Online learning will be provided and lesson work will be provided through Teams, following your child’s normal school timetable.
I know that this is frustrating for you as families and that you want to see your children in school doing their best. I am sure you can appreciate that we would rather all of our students be in school at the moment, however, it has become apparent that this week that is not possible with year 8. We believe that given the circumstances and the proximity to the end of term that this is the right course of action to prevent any further spread of COVID-19 within year 8 and allow us to ensure that staffing numbers remain sustainable.