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To help our students achieve their potential, the academy places great emphasis on providing a dedicated support system covering pastoral care, assistance for specialist educational needs and spirituality. We want students to feel safe, secure and supported for the benefit of their learning, and recognise the importance of positive mental health amongst our students.

All students have access to support for their educational, pastoral, spiritual and any additional needs.

At National, we also support the spiritual and faith development of all students. Our academy chaplain co-ordinates our ecumenical chaplaincy team. They play a key role in the development and delivery of Christian worship throughout the academic year, including a variety of lunchtime sessions available to the full academy community.

Students can access confidential support through the academy counsellor should they need help with short or long-term personal issues. We also link with a range of outside agencies for additional assistance where required.

Restorative approaches are also used to support students. The focus is on preventing any issues arising. Involving the whole academy community is paramount to maintaining a positive environment and promoting positive relationships, using intervention only where necessary to negate long-term issues.

Support for students with a wide range of additional needs is led through our inclusion faculty. Dedicated and knowledgeable staff work closely with these students to support their educational and emotional needs, together with responding to any behavioural difficulties in a positive manner.